What is Mindfulness?

The simple meaning of Mindfulness is 'remembering to be aware' -  while doing anything, anywhere, any time, when we are totally engaged in an activity.  The Children will be encouraged to enjoy the experience by being totally engaged and mindful. Mindfulness leads to structural changes in the brain that develop and  enhance the qualities of: 

  • Kindness and Compassion        

  • Attunement to others                               

  • Longer attention span

  • Better impulse control               

  • Be able to concentrate and listen         

  •  Effective in treating anxiety and stress​

 All workshops are fun, interactive, creative and mindfulness is encouraged throughout the workshop.

School Holidays

July 2020

Calm, Confidence and Crysals
For girls 6 - 12 years

A 2 hour Workshop for Girls aged 6 - 12 years to develop skills to return to a state of calm after feeling anxious, tools to build confidence and self-esteem & discover the beauty and power of crystals. The Girls will also design their own affirmations cards to take home and continue
using this powerful tool.

Workshop outline
♥ Breathing and Yoga
♥ Building confidence & positive self-talk activity
♥ Affirmations and creative activity 
♥ Discovering crystals
♥ Pick a crystal for confidence and courage 



Wednesday 9th July 2020

1pm - 3pm


includes activities and crystals

Mudjimba Community Hall

41 Cottonwood St

Self-Esteem and Craft Yoga Workshop
For Girls 8 - 12 years

Self-esteem is a way we think and feel about yourself, we want to encourage Girls to develop a healthy Self-Esteem and feel good about themselves.

Having a healthy self-esteem has many positive benefits, children who love who they are, tend to see themselves in a positive light and believe in their ability to learn new things.

In this workshop we will discuss what a Healthy Self-Esteem means so the Girls will have a good understanding, we will talk  about what makes us unique and special.

The girls will then enjoy decorating their own I am Special Mirror.

Workshop Outline

  • Welcome 

  • Yoga and breathing for confidence

  • Self-Esteem discussion

  • Activity sheets 

  • Mirror craft activity

  • I am affirmation relaxation


Gratitude Yoga and Craft Workshop

For children 6- 12 years

In this online workshop the children will enjoy Gratitude Yoga for their healthy body.

We will then discuss on the things we have to be gratitude for and then enjoy making a
gratitude jar, finishing the session with some relaxation.

Workshop Outline

  • Welcome 

  • Gratitude Yoga

  • Gratitude discussion 

  • Activity sheet

  • Gratitude Jar

  • Relaxation


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