I am Calm Crystal Pack includes

3 Crystals -

Blue Calcite  Green Aventine  Jade

Affirmation Card


Information Sheet
- ideas on how to use and look after the crystals

- understanding affirmation 



I am Calm Crystal Pack

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  • Children respond very well to crystals and they are a great little tool for them to have in their tool kit to support and empower them. Children are naturely drawn to crystals and are open to they magical benefits. These 3 crystal packs are ideal for children to carry with them or place in their school bag to support them through the day.

    Affirmations are short positvie statements, often times parents can feel hopeless not knowing what they can do to lighten up the mood of the child, this is where positive affirmations can help.The child will then learn over time of repeating the affirmation that when they feel sad or a little bit down they can use this affirmation.


  • Postage included within Australia.

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