Private Sessions
One-on-One, Calm Coach and Family Program


Private Yoga &  Mindfulness Sessions

These one on one sessions are perfect for children who may find it overwhelming in a group yoga class. The classes are tailored to the child's need and are a perfect introduction to yoga.

Sessions include Breathing techniques (different technique each session), Yoga poses, mindful movement and Relaxation.

Sold in a 3 package program

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Calm ME Sessions

Calming tools to Mindfully Empower Children.

Tools including restorative yoga, breathing practices, mindfulness, art therapy, play therapy and coaching.

Private 1:1 sessions and Group Workshops available

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Private One-off  Group Yoga Sessions

Whether its a birthday party, friends get-together a bonding time for Mother and Daughter or a cousin catchup, a group yoga sessions is the ideal opportunity to learn together and have fun!

Group sessions are tailor made to the groups requirements and abilities.

Mindful Families Four Week Program

This four week program is created for all Families to learn about breathing techniques, relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and learn tools & skills to manage worry, anxiety and stress for the whole family.  

What ever the family structure, parents and children can practice and use the tools and skills together in times of worry, frustration, fear and anxiety to remain calm and relaxed, making for a more harmonious and happy household.  Children can also use the tools at school and/or in time of worry or anxiety due to family challenges, separation or divorce.

The Four Week Program will assist children and parents to:

  • communicate more effectively            

  • have positive attitudes

  • be less affected by worry and fear      

  • be able to concentrate

  • develop a healthy self-esteem            

  • sleep better and breath correctly

  • calm down when needed

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Topics covered

  • Body Awareness

  • Fight or Flight Response

  • Creating Calm and Crystals

  • Meditation/Relaxation Spaces

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Affirmations

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence​

  • Emotions and Feelings​

  • Mindfulness activities 

  • Cultivating peace

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