A Six Week Program

This Six Week Program has been specially designed for Preschool Children aged 4 to 6 years old, to learn breathing techniques, relaxation tools and skills and be able to management worry, anger and frustration. These tools can be used in times of stress and anxiety to allow the pre-schooler to remain calm and relaxed. Parents can also use these tools and skills to help their pre-schooler in times of challenges and/or difficult behaviours.

The Mindful Preschool Program is a six week program and will assist children to:

• communicate more effectively                 
• expand their imaginations
• have positive attitudes                         
• be less affected by worry and fear 
• be able to concentrate and listen             
• begin to develop a healthy self-esteem
• sleep better                         
• breath correctly
• be able to calm down when appropriate         
• develop more creativity 
• better manage their emotions



Six Week Details and Topics

Week One – Body Awareness
Understanding what is happening in the body when frustration, scared or worried.

Week Two - Breathing 
Understanding the importance of breath and learning breathing techniques for different situations.

Week Three - Affirmations
Discovering I am statements and how positive talk can change their mood and/or thinking.

Week Four – Feelings
Recognising different emotions and feeling and how to release negative feelings.

Week Five – Gratitude
Teaching children the understanding of being grateful and thankful.


Week Six – Recap
Putting all the weeks into practice with a fun yoga game!

6 weeks
$120 includes weekly handouts and resources

Do you have a group of friends with preschoolers?

Why not consider a group session in your home or park in Term 4 2020 - minimum 4 children 


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