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My name is Simone Michelle and I live on the Sunshine Coast with my two teenage sons, a dog and a cat.

My journey into supporting children and families started when working as a Group Leader in Tadpoles Early Learning Centre in Pacific Paradise. I worked with all age groups but mainly with the 2-3 year olds for seven years. In this time my own son was suffering greatly from anxiety and having a terrible time coping with his fathers and my separation which was 5 years previous but he was starting to try and understand the situation but became very confused.

This was my first experience with "Fight or Flight Response" as I look back now my gorgeous little boy was in constant fight or flight for about a year. I was barely educated on what fight or flight was and spent a lot of time asking him what was wrong. The thing is he didn't know what was wrong. He was angry, frustrated, felt weird in his legs and hands (this is how he described it) he would panic and feel that he couldn't breath, he would become hot and clammy. All this would come on in a split second if something didn't go his way or sometimes for no reason at all.


Kids that suffer from anxiety, worries and fears need adults to guided them and show them tools and skills to empower themselves. I looked for programs but there was not much available with an holistic approach.


So after a long background working in early childhood education and seeing not only my own child suffer from anxiety, fight or flight and low-confidence but some of the children in my care, I decided to left childcare to completing my Meditation, Mindfulness and Kids Yoga Teacher training.


I have combined my greatest passions... children, yoga and meditation to create BALANCE AND FLOW KIDS...My programs, classes and workshop offer empowerment, hope, joy, fun, creativity, mindfulness all in a safe, nurturing environment... not only offering programs and classes for the children and families but also supporting parents especially Mums on their child's journey to finding peace and calm.


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